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What's Happening At Still Point Massage?

Big Changes for Still Point Massage!

Owner & Practitioner Victoria "Tory" Kragt has moved from Michigan to New York State.  Regular availability for massage has discontinued.  However, she will periodically visit Michigan and be available for sessions.  See schedule below.  Sessions will still take place in the lower level of 113 Locust St.

On-line Schedule is Available for Booking HERE
April/May 2019
Friday, 4/26/19            12noon-7:15p
Saturday 4/27/19        10a - 2:15p
Sunday 4/28/19          10a - 2:15p
Monday 4/29/19          12noon-7:15p
Tuesday 4/30/19              9a - 5p
Wednesday 5/1/19      12noon -  7:15p
Thurday 5/2/19              12noon - 7:15p
Saturday 5/4/19           10a - 2:15p
Sunday 5/5/19          9a - 2:15p

June 2019
Friday 6/21/19         12p - 7p
Saturday 6/22/19     9a - 2p
Sunday 6/23/19      9a - 2p
Monday 6/24/19      2p - 6:30p
Tuesday 6/25/19      10a - 5p
Wednesday 6/26/19      12p - 7p
Thursday 6/27/19      12p - 7p
Friday 6/28/19      12p - 7p
Saturday 6/29/19   9a - 2p

July/August 2019
Tuesday 7/30/19     10a - 5p
Wednesday 7/31/19      12p - 7p
Thursday 8/1/19      12p - 7p
Tuesday 8/6/19      12p - 7p
Wednesday 8/7/19     12p - 7p
Thursday 8/8/19     12p - 7p

September/October 2019
Wednesday 9/25/19      12p - 7p
Thursday 9/26/19      12p - 7p
Friday 9/27/19      12p - 7p
Saturday 9/28/19      9a - 2p
Sunday 9/29/19      9a - 2p
Monday 9/30/19      1p - 6:30p
Tuesday 10/1/19      10a - 5p

There was  a RATE INCREASE on 1/1/19
30 Minute Session - $50
60 Minute Session - $75
90 Minute Session - $105
120 Minutes Session - $140

Crystal Singing Bowl Session - $45
Ear Candling - $45
Castor Oil Pack Alone - 30 Minutes - $30
Castor Oil Pack w/ Massage - add $20



Still Point Massage will have a practice room in the lower level of 113 Fitness (formerly Curves) at 113 Locust St. This is across from City Hall in downtown Allegan from June - November 2018.  More info to come!

Scheduling If Still Point Massage is Booked or Otherwise Unavailable
 Tory gladly refers the following Licensed Massage Therapists

Janet Masters, L.M.T. of The Haven in Richland, MI
Click HERE or call 269.629.2222

Haven Pratt, L.M.T. ,Practicing in Allegan MI
Call 269.941.3062
Jan Pohlers, L.M.T., Practicing in Otsego, MI 

Still Point Art Designs!!
Tory makes hand-crafted, earth-inspired Art.  
Look HERE for more info!


10 Year Anniversary for Still Point Massage in Allegan, MI 
A Story of Appreciation from Owner, Victoria "Tory" Kragt

Still Point Massage opened in September of 2007! It is hard to believe that 10 years can go by so fast. It must be because I get to do work that I love with people that I enjoy and appreciate!  How did all of this begin? In 2004, I graduated from the Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts (KCHA) with Certification for Massage. I had left my full-time job as an Administrative Assistant to work as a Massage Therapist and to assist with admissions for the massage school at KCHA as well as trying to start a practice from my home in Holland, MI. I did that for two years and while I enjoyed working at KCHA, I was also growing weary of the commute. Also, my home practice was not growing as hoped or needed. 
My dear friend Kass Hillard (whom many of you also know and love) owned and operated Reflexions Plus and had encouraged me for some time to practice in Allegan. I didn't take the suggestion seriously feeling incredulous about the "do-ability" of owning my own practice and not knowing much about the community. As fate would have it, two massage therapists who had been serving Allegan left town for personal reasons causing many clients to search for a new practitioner. Those clients began calling Kass who then referred them to me. She was very generous to share her office space when it could be coordinated in order for me to do sessions and still there were more clients who wanted sessions. One day, I passed a small office for rent while walking to the Downtown Deli for lunch and I inquired to look at the space as the seed of possibility began to sprout in my mind and heart. Still Point Massage opened its doors at that first location on September 1st of 2007. It was such a lovely way to begin. Due to the need my clientele started to grow from the start, ensuring success.After about a year of commuting from Holland to Allegan, I then also moved my personal residence to Allegan where my son and I could enjoy the blessings of this small and welcoming town.  
Still Point Massage has had three locations since we opened. The first space being sweet and VERY SMALL! After 7 years in the second space (which I adored) I was invited to share space by the owners of Allegan Healing Arts (Kali Frankhauser and Patti Henderson) which has been a wonderful collaboration.Wherever Still Point Massage has been, I have been most blessed by the opportunity to work with you, my clients and friends. I appreciate your trust in me, for the way you express your gratitude for the healing work I offer, for the distance some of you travel to get on my table, for your continued investment of time and money in your wellness and my business. I want you to know that my heart swells with warmth and love so very often when I think of you and the work I am allowed to do with you. I never take any of you or any of this for granted! THANK YOU. .THANK YOU. . THANK YOU!!!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

In Love and Gratitude, 
~Victoria "Tory" Kragt, L.M.T.


We excited to offer a new service!

2 in 1 Upper Body Massage and Foot Reflexology Session. Two practitioners work with one client at the same time! Enjoy the bliss of receiving an upper body massage and reflexology session all at the same time.
$80 for 30 minutes  $100 for 45 minutes (extra 15 minutes of Energy Work).
Book by calling Tory at 616-510-4123 or Kali at 269-225-9105!
Click HERE for more info


Rate Increase

Still Point Massage observed a RATE INCREASE as of 6/15/14. New rates are listed HERE

Announcing Tory as a Licensed Massage Therapist
Tory has been practicing as a Certified Massage Therapist since April 24, 2004.  At that time Michigan did not have a state wide certification or licensing standard.  The state of Michigan recently passed regulation creating a licensing requirement for all massage therapists practicing bodywork in the state.  Upon application, Tory received her license on 6/18/14!!  This process has pros and cons.  Our hope that the main benefit of licensing is that it will raise the standard of quality and professionalism of the massage industry in Michigan.

Tory's Album, "Still Point ~ Music for Healing"

is complete and now available for purchase. The cd is receiving much praise for it's relaxing and regenerating effects. You can buy the cd ($15) or a download card ($10)  at Still Point Massage. You can also click HERE to purchase the album online and hear samples. Or, you can go to iTunes and search for Tory Trujillo and find her album for purchase there!


Still Point ~ Music for Healing

Health and Wellness Products

Still Point Massage introduces a wonderful line of wellness products.  Shop from an offering of Himalayan Salt Products (lamps, candle holders, bath salts), candles, incense, jewelry and much more!

VISA, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express Now Accepted!

It is now easier than ever to pay using your credit card! 


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